Better Mind Performance

Mind Training Program

Along with our American and European providers, we have served for more than a decade on improving the competence of thousands of professionals according with the demands of the present century around the world on multiple settings (hospitals and rehab. centers, schools, military, sport leagues, industry, corporations, psychology and neuroscience labs, neuromarketing and consumer behavior research, universities, private practice, aeronautical psychology at Air force bases, government agencies, among others) by means of state-of-the-art technology and our outstanding pre and post sale services with the support of a highly qualified international professional network.

More recently, we decided to use all the knowledge and experience we have been cumulating along the way since the beginning of the millennium to launch our most ambitious project ever we have called MIND TRAINING, which is opening its doors in FL in 2016 with the aim of providing our advanced solutions, not only to professionals and institutions to increase the quality of their peak performance, educational, counseling, and rehab services, but also with the purpose of offering their clients / patients throughout the US and abroad the opportunity to complement their treatment / training at home for quicker and better results by using our unique learning systems involving brain / body – computer interface + cognitive training software