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Voice Lab

voxmetriaVoice Analysis software is designed for Speech-Language Pathologists to analyze speech and voice. It includes a variety of functions and parameters allowing the clinician to record, analyze and play speech samples. Two special features called Comparison and Follow-up enable clinical results to be viewed by selecting past sessions and other voice models for comparison in multiple displays, helping clinician and patient during the evaluation and treatment processes.

voxtraining Vocal Exercises is a pack of 11 games, with the aim of stimulating, conditioning and training speech and voice in children, teens and adults, improving the voice production and control of various vocal parameters.

voxgamesSpeech | Voice Therapy is a pack of 25 games specially developed to clinical therapy, with the aim of stimulating the voice and speech modification in children and teens, for the purpose of promoting a better production and control of various parameters.

fonoviewThis software facilitates the evaluation and monitoring of oral communication in real time. Use its acoustic spectrum graphs to observe and compare vocal production and modify specific aspects of speech.

fonotoolsThis software offers amplification, delayed auditory feedback (DAF), masking, pitch change, loop playback and metronomic pacing. Such versatility of features enables the product to be used with many communication and learning problems, both diagnostically and in therapy/teaching situations.