Better Mind Performance

Mental Games

The Mental Games Concept

In modern society, we are exposed to many forms of stress. It’s often difficult to avoid the sources of stress, but you can learn to react to it in a more efficient or even in a more intelligent way. Learning these new strategies for stress management will enable you to unlock the full potential of your inner energy resources.

The Mental Games multimedia software analyzes the tiny changes in your skin resistance values (GSR) sent by the "Mind-Reflection" biofeedback system to your personal computer.

Training modules of Mental Games “feel” how much you are focused and relaxed and will change their response according to your mental state.

Using this combination of multimedia technology and biofeedback, you enter a new dimension of personal training. Playing Mental Games will help you in changing your habits regarding learning, concentration and relaxation.

You may soon notice that you are more relaxed in your everyday life, being more present and focused without “burning out.”

You will learn different strategies of interaction—your own strategies—preserving and developing your valuable inner resources.

There are two levels available in this version of Mental Games. Level 1, “Psychophysiological” and Level 2, “Sensomotoric”.

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