Better Mind Performance

Institutions | Government Agencies

What our services consist on?

At Mind Training we are experienced at assisting institutions, centers, rehabilitation units at hospitals, schools, or government organizations/agencies on enhancing the quality of their professional services as well as their productivity by improving efficiency while achieving quicker and more consistent therapeutic/educational/training outcomes. We also provide them with outstanding consulting services to develop efficient and efficacious prevention, promotion, and/or attention/educational programs or research projects based on applied neuroscience and psychophysiology on behalf of your clients or patients and their families/communities.

  1. Emotional, cognitive, and social competence
  2. Complementary technological solutions on education, training, rehab. services for patients, students
  3. Promotion of healthy and proactive lifestyles on behalf, not only of the professionals, but also of the individuals and their families, and consequently for the benefit of the culture/society and environment well being
  4. Efficient and efficacious educational, professional, and counseling procedures based on applied neuroscience and psychophysiology
  5. Prevention, promotion, and attention programs on mental competence
  6. Psychosocial risks
  7.  Efficiency, employees well being, quality of services, and productivity at organizations
  8.  Building solid bridges between confused, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed people and professionals or specialists from the respective fields in order to recover people’s confidence in this kind of fundamental services.

Unlike many other methods on mind concerns, we do not focus on providing theoretical lectures on motivation and personal grow, psychology, relaxing techniques, etc. As a matter of fact, in addition to the most recent approaches on applied neuroscience and psychophysiology, we demonstrate professionals and participants to our events how an individual’s brain and body actually reacts in real time to relevant events or stressors according with the participants’ areas of interest. Likewise, we provide quantitative and comparative evidence on participants’ performance and progress by using state-of-the-art technology on brain / body – computer interface. At the end of the day, our clients become self-aware on their own physiological condition in association with particular situations and circumstances, and eventually they develop effective auto-regulatory strategies to reduce a symptom or enhance performance. On the other hand, professionals gain outstanding experience and competence on acknowledging their clients’ condition. In consequence, professionals provide them with more accurate and reliable counseling services and may develop more efficient and effective educational/training/therapeutic strategies based on physiological and behavioral evidence (also known as psychophysiological training/treatment procedures).

  1. Enhancing academic performance
  2. Reducing school dropout
  3. Better outcomes in ESE programs
  4. Significant quality of investment of Title 1 funds or funding for IEPs and 504 plans based on innovation, solid scientific foundations, students engagement, students´ cognitive/psychophysiological performance and progress evidence provided in form of accurate quantitative reports by software
  5. Improving employees’ well being by reducing their cognitive and emotional overload while increasing their performance and productivity
  6. Reducing accidents, waste of time, and mistakes by enhancing attention stamina, time on task, situational awareness, cognitive recovery time after interruptions at the working place, listening skills, working memory, teamwork, working under pressure, quick reactions, among many other basic social, cognitive, and emotional competencies according with the demands of a particular job
  7. Improving the efficiency of educational/therapeutic/training procedures
  8. Increasing efficiency, efficacy and productivity by obtaining quicker and more consistent results

  • Schools: Elementary, high Schools, magnet and private schools
  • Hospitals: Physical, occupational, cognitive, and emotional rehabilitation for children and adults, Veteran Hospitals
  • Sport Leagues
  • Industry and Corporations: Occupational health and Human Resources (HHRR)
  • Police and Fight Fire Departments
  • Air Lines