Better Mind Performance


What our services consist on?

We offer consulting, training, and continue education on applied neuroscience as well as cognitive and psychophysiological educational/training/treatment/research procedures to counselors, professionals, and specialists of psychology, cognitive neuroscience, Speech and Hearing Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, behavior researchers, psychiatry, neurology, and occupational health, among others. 

  1. Emotional, cognitive, and social competence
  2. Complementary technological solutions on education, training, rehab. services for patients, students
  3. Promotion of healthy and proactive lifestyles on behalf, not only of the professionals, but also of the individuals and their families, and consequently for the benefit of the culture/society and environment well being
  4. Efficient and efficacious educational, professional, and counseling procedures based on applied neuroscience and psychophysiology
  5. Prevention, promotion, and attention programs on mental competence
  6. Psychosocial risks
  7.  Efficiency, employees well being, quality of services, and productivity at organizations
  8.  Building solid bridges between confused, frustrated, stressed, overwhelmed people and professionals or specialists from the respective fields in order to recover people’s confidence in this kind of fundamental services.

{slide=What is the big difference with other methods and techniques?}Unlike many other methods on mind concerns, we do not focus on providing theoretical lectures on motivation and personal grow, psychology, relaxing techniques, etc. As a matter of fact, in addition to the most recent approaches on applied neuroscience and psychophysiology, we demonstrate professionals and participants to our events how an individual’s brain and body actually reacts in real time to relevant events or stressors according with the participants’ areas of interest. Likewise, we provide quantitative and comparative evidence on participants’ performance and progress by using state-of-the-art technology on brain / body – computer interface. At the end of the day, our clients become self-aware on their own physiological condition in association with particular situations and circumstances, and eventually they develop effective auto-regulatory strategies to reduce a symptom or enhance performance. On the other hand, professionals gain outstanding experience and competence on acknowledging their clients’ condition. In consequence, professionals provide them with more accurate and reliable counseling services and may develop more efficient and effective educational/training/therapeutic strategies based on physiological and behavioral evidence (also known as psychophysiological training/treatment procedures)

  1. Better acknowledge on their clients/students/patients condition based on psychophysiological evidence
  2. Improving efficiency and efficacy on professional procedures
  3. Obtaining quantitative performance and progress reports from students/patients/clients /employees
  4. Saving significant time on session planning and performance reports
  5. Demonstrating outstanding professional competence by providing colleagues with more accurate interdisciplinary referral reports
  6. enhancing engagement of students/patients/clients /employees in their training/treatment
  7. correlating theory and practice

  • Psychologists in the fields of education, clinic, aeronautical industry, occupational health, industry/organizations, consumer behavior research, cognitive neuroscience, forensics, military, sports…
  • Executive, sports, and personal coaches
  • Counselors: stress management, anger management, couples/marriage, academics, drug abuse…
  • Therapists: Speech Language and Hearing Therapists (SLP), Occupational therapists (OT), Physiotherapists (PT)
  • Doctors: Neurologists, psychiatrists, physiatrists,