Electrodermal Biofeedback

Galvanic Skin Response – Biofeedback

The skin, our largest organ, is an exceptional way of communication for mammals. Humans have been able to express emotions such as fear, disgust, desire, and rage through their skin since before the advent of language. Surprisingly, technological improvements now allow us to visually observe the phenomenon of stress in real-time. Data may be converted into interactive video games using a body computer interface that detects even minor changes in skin humidity.
Observe how it works in real time and learn to make more efficient and productive use of your energy.

Excellent for enhancing cognitive and emotional abilities in:

  • Directors and executives
  • Athletes
  • Military
  • Politicians
  • Pilots
  • air traffic controllers
  • Artists
  • University students

Speech- Language Pathologists working with patients, such as those with verbal fluency difficulties.

Psychologists and related professionals (for patients/clients with PSD, OCD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, etc)
The device is made up of sensors, a portable amplifier, and software programs that employ unique logarithms to accurately measure physiological data and translate them into visuals, sounds, and video games.

The TELECOACHING and NETWORKING module also enables professionals to conduct group training – including ONLINE – that promotes the development of unexpected social skills (recognizing subtle signs of other participants’ moods, levels of tolerance to frustration, working under pressure, and so on)

Children with special needs
The VERIM (Virtual Energy, Resource, and Intelligence Management) training program can be particularly beneficial for therapy, especially for children with special needs. Its application in schools for such purposes highlights its adaptability and effectiveness in therapeutic settings:
Enhancing Emotional Regulation: VERIM’s focus on emotional intelligence and stress management is crucial for children with special needs who often face challenges in regulating their emotions. The program helps them recognize and manage their emotional responses, fostering a sense of control and stability.
Improving Focus and Attention: Children with attention-related challenges can benefit from VERIM’s concentration-enhancing modules. These tools help improve their ability to focus, which is essential for learning and interacting in classroom settings.

Stress and Anxiety Reduction: The program’s stress management techniques are particularly beneficial for children who experience heightened levels of anxiety and stress, common among those with special needs. By learning how to manage stress, these children can experience a more relaxed and comfortable state of mind.
Promoting Social Skills: By improving empathy and emotional understanding, VERIM can help children with special needs develop better social skills. Understanding and relating to the emotions of others is a critical aspect of social interaction.
Customizable and Adaptive Learning: The variety of modules in VERIM allows for tailored experiences to meet the unique needs of each child. This personalized approach ensures that therapy is effective and engaging for children with diverse needs.

Enhanced Sensory Integration: For children with sensory processing issues, VERIM’s interactive and engaging modules can help in sensory integration, providing a safe and controlled environment to experience and react to sensory stimuli.