swLORETA Z Score Neurofeedback


swLORETA Z Score Neurofeedback: Z Score swLORETA biofeedback of Brodmann areas in the brain, “Hubs”, “Modules” and “Default Mode Network” and 3-dimensional locations registered to a reference MRI. Includes ‘Live’ swLORETA Coherence & Phase Differences from 88 Brodmann Areas, plus the Thalamus, Vermis, Red Nucleus and the Cerebellum Regions of Interests. The neurofeedback protocol is based on a symptom checklist combined with swLORETA Z scores measured during a QEEG analysis to aid in linking patient’s symptoms and complaints to functional specialization in the brain. 3-Dimensional swLORETA Z Score Neurofeedback also requires purchasing the NeuroGuide™ Collection Module. * Neurofeedback is used for “relaxation training”.

List of Amplifiers that can be used with the swLORETA Z Score NFB Add-On:

  • Advanced Brain Monitoring B-Alert X24 – We do not support models manufactured after 2013.
  • ANT eegosport
  • BrainAmp MR (available for certain models – Contact Us)
  • BrainMaster Discovery
  • Cadwell Essentia
  • CGX/Cognionics Quick-20, Quick-20r, Quick-20r v2, Quick-20m & CAMP
  • Contec
  • DeMeTec Data Box 30
  • Deymed EEG 32ch
  • Fistar
  • Medicom
  • Mitsar
  • Neuroelectrics Enobio 20 & 30 ch, StarStim
  • NeuroField Q20 & Q21
  • Neuron-Spectrum 2, 3, 4, 4EP, 4P, 5, 5S
  • NeuroPulse NP-Q 10/20
  • NeuroSurve
  • NeXus Q32 & 32 (now 32F)
  • ScienceBeam eWave
  • Wearable Sensing DSI-24 (For Research)
  • Ybrain Mindd Scan 20
  • Zeto WR19