3D Electropalatography

3D Electropalatography (EPG) system

LinguaGraph 3D is an electropalatography (EPG) system that uses state-of-the-art computer animation and 3D modelling techniques to illustrate where the tongue touches the hard-palate during speech. The 3D model, which can be rotated 360°, provides direct articulatory information in real-time.


Electropalatography palate


The LinguaGraph 3D electropalatography system is compatible with the standard Reading EPG palate design. Each palate, sold separately, is custom-made for each user and simply clips to the upper teeth. In order to create an EPG palate, a qualified dentist must first take an impression of the upper palate and teeth. A plaster model is then created from the impression and sent directly to us for EPG palate manufacture.

Electropalatography palate kit

Electropalatography palate kits enable orthodontic technologists to manufacture EPG palates locally. Each kit contains:

  • 62 silver electrodes with attached leads.
  • EPG Connector board.
  • EPG Connector board cover.
  • Heat shrink tubing.
  • Instruction manual.