MONITORS BREATH CO2 – Now a CO2 signal can be added to the ECG-HRV, respiration belt, and EMG of other GP units. This miniature breath gas analyzer includes a PPG pulse sensor. It displays NTCO2, CO2 wave, breath rate, HR, BVP, and HRV. Software is included and it’s signals can be added to other physiology signals from GP units or used alone.

THE TECHNOLOGY – Physiocom Design has designed and manufactured CO2 units for over twenty years. This fifth generation design has very stable calibration. The reading delay is small and end tidal CO2 peak is more accurate than other equipment. It comes with a water trap that is high capacity and can be renewed many times.

SOFTWARE – General purpose signal monitoring and recording applications are included. The included software is supported on Windows 10 and 11. This unit runs stand alone or with the GP-4, GP-8, or GP-12. This software was completely updated in 2023 and includes heart lung animation. The lungs change size and color with EtCO2 and the heart with HR and HRV score.

LOW COST USE – Parts that may need eventual replacement are all plug in. The battery, air pump, CO2 sensor can be replaced at low cost. The software can tell if a part needs to be replaced.


WT-1: High Capacity Water Trap for GA-1


A reusable high capacity water trap for the GA-1 CO2 Analyzer. Exhaled moisture condenses in the canula and is retained in the water trap. It can be renewed when saturated. Includes indicator strip which changes color when the trap requires drying.

OS-2p: PPG Finger Sensor

A comfortable finger pulse optical sensor for Pulse plethysmography. High grade clip type.