MONITORS FIVE CHANNELS – One input channel is microvolt level for EMG, EEG or ECG. Two channels are temperature or respiration sensors. One channel is skin resistance. One channel is for optical sensors, PPG for heart rate and BVP.

RECHARGABLE BATTERIES – Wireless charging like a phone. The replaceable 18650 Lithium battery powers the unit for over 8 hours. It is common and easily changed.

COMPACT DESIGN – A general purpose physiological signal monitor in a case the size of a pack of playing cards. Add a small computer and you have a system in your pocket. Includes an accelerometer and magnetic compass in the GP-4BT send signals that can be used for animation and body motion work.

SOFTWARE – General purpose signal monitoring and recording applications are included. The 2023 updated software is supported on Windows 10 and 11 Third party software is available from several suppliers. We provide drivers and support for software developers.

RELIABLE CABLES – Medical standard 1.5mm pin to snap leads are used for electrode connections and are available from many suppliers.

NEW TECHNOLOGY – This gives cleaner signals, more reliability, and lower cost in a compact, rugged enclosure. The encoder provides 14 bit signal resolution.

ADAPTABLE – The respiration channel can be used as an analog input (0 to +3 volt) for other sensor types or instrument outputs.


TP-40: Lead Set, 40", 1.5mm Socket & Snap


Includes 3 standard touch proof instrument connector and electrode snaps. White, black, and green.

SE-22a: Ear Clips & Electrodes


Nylon clips with stainless steel springs and two silver chloride electrodes. Includes 2 clips and 2 electrodes.

Electropalatography palate kit

Nylon paste cups with silver chloride electrodes. Includes 100 electrodes and 100 paste cups

NS-40: 40" Soft Elastic Neck Strap

Soft elastic Velcro neck strap, 40 inches. Supplied with adhesive hook Velcro to put on the back of a GP-4 or GP-8.

GP-5u: Respiration Sensor Belt (GP-4e & GP-8e)

Magnetic respiration sensor belt. Comfortable web belt coverts stretch to a respiration wave form. Compatible with GP-4 & GP-8.

WB-5: Wristbands for ECG & Wrist-to-Wrist Heart Rate

A pair of reusable cloth wristbands with a hole sized for SE-23 17mm electrodes and snap leads which holds the electrode securely against the skin. Includes 2 wristbands, electrodes sold separately.

SE-55: Pre-Gelled Electrodes, 50

Includes 50 pre-gelled electrodes with 1.5mm snaps. Disposable.

GP-1u: Temperature Sensor


A small fast response sensor for finger temperature. Includes 1 thermistor bead sensor, for GP-4e & GP-8e only.

OS-2p: PPG Finger Sensor

A comfortable finger pulse optical sensor for Pulse plethysmography. High grade clip type.